The Fostering Church Podcast: Tangible Support

We’re not all called to do the same thing, but we are all capable of doing something. Everyone can do something! This truth is probably most practically demonstrated and lived out when we provide opportunities for  people in our church to tangibly wrap around and support foster families. It creates an avenue through which they can identify their “something” and act on it for the good of children and families around them.  So, why is tangible support so crucial for families who are opening their homes to children? What kinds of support do they actually need? How do we as church leaders ensure that those who are serving know that even simple things they do can make a significant impact in the life of a foster family? What structures must we consider putting in place to support the “everyone can do something” message in our church?  Questions like these, among others, are important ones for us as church leaders to consider as we take steps towards becoming more actively engaged in foster care. 

In episode 4 of The Fostering Church Podcast, the Jasons talk with Sarah Norris, the leader of True Vine Ministries, the adoption and foster support ministry of her church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sarah not only has experienced the power of others tangibly supporting her family through their adoption, but has helped build a robust and practical support ministry for families in their church and all around the Fort Wayne community.  

Sarah powerfully articulates the importance of the tangible support pillar in any church-based foster care ministry. After listening to her share beautiful stories and practical pieces of insight, you will walk away feeling encouraged and challenged to take your next best steps towards tangibly supporting families in simple but meaningful ways.

Key Quote

“If you have someone who needs to better understand the ‘why’ of supporting foster families, my number one tip for people is always get them in proximity to a foster family. “ – Sarah Norris

Meet Our Guest

Sarah Norris serves as the leader of True Vine Ministries, the adoption and foster support ministry of her church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is an adoptive mama, and her life’s desire is to help bring full life found in Jesus Christ to foster, adoptive, and vulnerable families in her community. 

Meet Our Hosts

Jason Weber and his wife, Trisha, have been speaking up on behalf of the marginalized for the past 24 years. Jason has written and helped to produce several books and other tools, including Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn, a 2018 ECPA Christian Book Award finalist and the newly released Until There’s More Than Enough. Jason writes a regular column for Fostering Families Today magazine and is the host of the More Than Enough Podcast, which highlights the work of national foster care advocates. Jason serves with the Christian Alliance for Orphans and helps lead More Than Enough, a collaborative movement facilitated by the CAFO community. Jason and his family live in Plano, Texas.

Jason Johnson  is a writer and speaker who encourages families and equips churches in their foster care and adoption journeys. After 14 years of church-based ministry and church planting, Jason currently serves as the Director of Church Ministry Initiatives with Christian Alliance for Orphans. In his work he speaks and teaches at churches, conferences, forums and workshops on church-based ministry strategies and best practices as well as encouraging families that are in the trenches and those that are considering getting involved. He has authored 3 books: Reframing Foster Care, Everyone Can do Something, and ALL IN Orphan Care and he blogs regularly at Jason and his wife, Emily, live in Texas with their daughters.