The Foster Care Prayer Guide: 24 Groups of People to Pray for in Your Community

Jonathan Edwards wrote, “There is no way that Christians, in a private capacity, can do so much to promote the works of God and advance the kingdom of God as by prayer.” The Foster Care Prayer Guide equips you with prayer requests to do just that on behalf of kids and families in your community.


Individual digital copies of the Foster Care Prayer Guide can be found HERE. However, we created this booklet to help you equip others in your community. Whether you want to purchase booklets for a prayer group that is already meeting, volunteers, or church leaders, we want to make sure you can do that in the most cost effective way possible.

Retail Price = $29.99/1 pack of 10 Booklets

2-5 packs = $25.49 each pack of 10 + shipping

6-10 packs = $22.49 each pack of 10 + shipping

11-50 packs = $19.49 each pack of 10 + shipping

51+ packs = $16.49 each pack of 10 + shipping

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