The Fostering Church Podcast: Becoming a Fostering Church

Starting and growing a foster care ministry in your church can feel overwhelming.  After all, the needs of children and families in your community seem endless and the path to getting traction inside your church is unclear.   How do you know if you are doing it right, and what in the world do you do if you think you are doing it wrong? That is why a group of church and organizational leaders from across the country worked together to clearly define six key pillars of foster care ministry for any church who would like to be actively engaged.

In this first episode of The Fostering Church Podcast, the Jasons talk with Adrien Lewis, the Chief Innovation officer at CarePortal.  Adrien facilitated the discussion of that initial team of leaders from across the country to help more clearly define church engagement in foster care.  Adrien joins us to help provide a foundational overview of all six pillars that will serve as a jumping-off point for the rest of this limited podcast series.

If you are looking for some clarity, this is where it starts.

Key Quote:

“When we started thinking about defining actively engaged churches, we knew that we needed to bring in a variety of perspectives to try to answer that question. So we had church leaders from big and small churches, ministry leaders, and child welfare professionals who were  a part of this team . . .we met weekly to try to make clear what are the key ingredients that any church who is getting involved needs to have their mind set on.  ”  – Adrien Lewis

Meet Our Guest

Adrien Lewis spent the first 10 years of his career serving as a business development professional in healthcare, technology, and education companies. In 2007, God turned Adrien’s life “right side up” on a mission trip to Haiti with his wife Cynthia, which began three years of volunteering with The Global Orphan Project (GO Project). In 2010, God asked Adrien to leave the business world and advocate full time for orphaned and abandoned children with GO Project. This call ultimately led him to become a foster and adoptive parent and develop CarePortal as a platform to facilitate the cooperation of local churches and agencies for local children and families in crisis. He currently works as the Chief Innovation Officer of CarePortal. 

Meet Our Hosts

Jason Weber and his wife, Trisha, have been speaking up on behalf of the marginalized for the past 25 years. Jason has written and helped to produce several books and other tools, including Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn, a 2018 ECPA Christian Book Award finalist and the newly released Until There’s More Than Enough. Jason writes a regular column for Fostering Families Today magazine and is the host of the More Than Enough Podcast, which highlights the work of national foster care advocates. Jason serves with the Christian Alliance for Orphans and helps lead More Than Enough, a collaborative movement facilitated by the CAFO community. Jason and his family live in Plano, Texas.

Jason Johnson  is a writer and speaker who encourages families and equips churches in their foster care and adoption journeys. After 14 years of church-based ministry and church planting, Jason currently serves as the Director of Church Ministry Initiatives with Christian Alliance for Orphans. In his work he speaks and teaches at churches, conferences, forums and workshops on church-based ministry strategies and best practices as well as encouraging families that are in the trenches and those that are considering getting involved. He has authored 3 books: Reframing Foster Care, Everyone Can do Something, and ALL IN Orphan Care and he blogs regularly at Jason and his wife, Emily live in Texas with their daughters.