Justice & the Inner Life Podcast: Dr. Ron Sider

Dr. Ron Sider has been a respected justice advocate, professor, writer and speaker for more than a half century. In this episode, Dr. Sider reflects on what has been critical to keeping him in the game and sustaining his gentle, powerful voice as he has challenged the church – sometimes in unwelcome ways – to reflect God’s deep concern for justice and mercy.

In this episode, you’ll explore

  • Why our love for any cause must come third – after our commitments to Christ and our family.
  • The importance of humility and continuing to learn, grow and listen to people who disagree.
  • The pitfall of championing a cause on a grand scale while failing to apply it at home.
  • The vital importance of what Dr. Sider calls “biblical balance.”
  • A challenge to young Christians not to forget the Good News of the Gospel amidst enthusiasm for justice.
  • How we need Christian community if we hope to sustain ministry for a lifetime.

Key Quotes

“Biblical balance…prayer and action, evangelism and social ministry. It meant the inward life of the congregation and outward mission in the world.” – Dr. Ron Sider

“[A] fully biblical framework [is] precisely the foundation we need for the most vigorous challenge to what’s wrong, and unfair, and unjust in society.” – Dr. Ron Sider

“One always needs to be ready to say, “I could be wrong.”” – Dr. Ron Sider

“The true test of our commitment to justice and mercy isn’t the things we advocate for or ask the government to do or big programs we run. It’s in how we love the people nearest us.” – Jedd Medefind

Meet Our Guest


Writer, Speaker, Professor and Founder of Evangelicals for Social Action

Ron Sider is known worldwide for providing leadership to the movement of evangelicals who recognize not just the spiritual, but also the social and political implications of a high view of Scripture.

His book Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger was lauded by Christianity Today as being among the top 100 books in religion in the 20th century and the seventh most influential book in the evangelical world in the last 50 years.

In addition to Rich Christians, Dr. Sider has written more than 30 published books, including Cry Justice: The Bible on Hunger and Poverty; Good News and Good Works: A Theology for the Whole Gospel; Just Generosity: A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America.