Foster Movement Podcast: Joe

Joe Rogers was the child of an immigrant and eventually entered Foster Care at the age of twelve. He found love and stability. Listen to Joe share about his experiences with both chaos and ownership throughout his time during and after foster care. He shares with listeners the impact that his foster mother had on him and the changes that happened in his heart and his life because of her actions.

Then, to continue our Foster Care Journey, a foster and adoptive mom, Trisha Weber, shares with us some common motivations that she has seen in the foster care world, in the church, and beyond. She reminds us of what is most important and gives some practical tips about transforming expectations.

Download the free companion PDF to this series“Seven Insights about Foster Care from Those Who’ve Been There”–and share these types of insights with others in your community!

Key Quote

“And I think that’s what foster parents have to realize. Just let that kid be them. That’s good enough. That’s who God, God is going to shape them to who they’re meant to be. Not You, not you. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to shape that child from what God intended that child to be. You’re a vessel.”
Trisha Weber

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The Foster Journey: Often a Winding Road. Always a Trip

Free Download: Seven Insights about Foster Care from Those Who’ve Been There

Meet Our Guests

Joe Rogers was born in Sierra Leone, Africa. An avid lover of life, that lives his life with no regrets. He has taken his life challenges and allowed them to fuel to power his dreams. The only thing he ever truly desired was to be a great father. He is married to Aurra Rogers a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing in CMS. His favorite thing to do is sit on the couch and watch Carolina Basketball. He is involved in the community, and sits on two non-profit boards focused on the growth and benefit of children, Right Moves for Youth and Congregations for Kids. Fun fact – He doesn’t eat grapes, and when he is at home by himself at night he goes in his room and locks the door – so sad!

Trisha Weber, along with her husband, Jason, first gained a passion for children in foster care and their families while living and doing ministry in an urban community after they were first married. Many of the kids and families they encountered in their neighborhood had experienced foster care at some point in their lives. Partially as a result of this experience, Trisha and Jason were foster parents for ten years and have had the privilege of adopting their five children from foster care. Trisha has trained and coached hundreds of families preparing for foster care and adoption and is a co-author of the HomeBuilders Bible Study, Considering Adoption by FamilyLife and of the resource Preparing for Transracial Adoption published by Focus on the Family. Trisha and family along with Trisha’s loyal sidekick, Max (a poodle/whatever mix) live in Plano, Texas.

Meet Our Hosts

Jason and his wife, Trisha, have been caring for children from U.S. foster care since 2001 and have had the privilege of adopting their five children from foster care. Jason has helped to produce and write several books, bible studies, and other tools all created to serve churches as they care for hurting kids including the newly released children’s book, Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn (BroadStreet Publishing). Jason writes a regular column for Fostering Families Today magazine and is the host of the Foster Movement Podcast, which highlights the stories of former foster youth and national foster care advocates. Jason serves as the National Director of More Than Enough for the Christian Alliance for Orphans and currently lives in Plano, Texas.

Most teenagers remember the day they got their license, or their sweet 16, or even prom night. For Diego the most prominent day he remembers is In 2002, when he showed up on Bishop Aaron Blake’s steps. Blake stopped Diego at the door and told him to lose any foster care mentality that he has. “You are not a foster child; you are ‘Engrafted’ into my family.” Diego, now a national recording artist, released his second studio album titled “ENGRAFTED” in 2014! Diego is the founder & president of B.I.G Records & Foundation. He and his “Pops,” Bishop Aaron Blake have joined forces and travel the country empowering the local church to create a culture of families prepared to accept the calling of orphan care. Diego lives with his family in the Dallas area.