Foster Movement Podcast: Trent

In this episode, our youngest guest, Trent Taylor, sits down to discuss his life before, during, and after foster care. Trent entered foster care at the age of four and was placed with more than five different homes until being adopted at age nine. He shares with us the difficulty in transitioning frequently, but the changes that came when one set of foster parents chose to express their love and care for Trent with consistent words and actions. Now, Trent encourages both crowds and readers (he wrote a book!) to look beyond the behavior of youth in foster care, and he aspires to help youth navigate their trauma.

After Trent, you will hear from Robbie Seay, a worship pastor and foster dad. Through his interview, you will notice his desire for people to be moved by the Spirit of God before engaging with foster care and the importance of the Spirit when engaging with foster youth. Robbie then shares with us the hopes he has for his children as they grow and the practical ways he communicates his love and God’s love with them.

Together, Trent and Robbie’s words give us insight into the ways we can communicate worth and love to foster youth.

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Key Quote

“Well, every day they would tell me that no matter what you tell us, we will never think of you less. We will never love you any less. We will never judge, you know, nothing you can tell us will change their minds about adopting me or anything like that. It was the constant reminder that I’m loved, I’m safe, and they will do anything to make sure that I’m not going anywhere else.” Trent Taylor, Former Foster Youth

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Shattered No More– By Trent Taylor and Pam Taylor
Robbie Seay Band:

Free Download: Seven Insights about Foster Care from Those Who’ve Been There

Meet Our Guests

Trent experienced abuse, neglect, and domestic violence during the first half of his childhood. He travelled a horrific journey through the foster care system until he was adopted at the age of 9. After God helped deliver him from his traumatic past, Trent, who is now 17, has devoted his life to helping others overcome past trauma by leading them to the ultimate healer, God. Trent willingly shares his inspiring story of triumph in order to provide hope and healing for others. This heroic young man has answered an early call from God to use his past experiences to positively impact others and now serves as a mentor for children in foster care through the M.A.C. Kids Division that he founded in 2013. He serves on the Mercy for America’s Children Board of Directors as a child representative. Trent has been featured on WRAL and has appeared in over a dozen newspaper and magazine articles including one international publication. Trent is an accomplished public speaker and has shared his story openly many times to crowds of over 200 and has been recognized for his efforts through the World of Children’s Annual Award and Kohls Kids Awards nominations on multiple occasions.He received the 2016 Hero Award, was named the 2017 “Good Neighbor” for the Town of Wake Forest, and was most recently named the Outstanding Youth Leader for a nationally recognized organization of foster youth.
Last, but not least, this young man who could have easily become another statistic became a published author after co- authoring his autobiography about his time in foster care.
Trent gives God all the glory for his ability to overcome his past and hopes to lead others to the only true healer.

Robbie Seay is from Houston,TX.
He is hoping to appear that someone else is writing this bio so please excuse his insistence on writing in third person.
Robbie Seay Band has been a band for over a decade, spending most of those years with EMI Music. 2012 marked the release of their independent project “Rich & Poor”.
Robbie loves his family. He loves Tex-Mex. He loves God. And he writes about all of these on the new album (okay, maybe no Tex-Mex songs..but the rest is true). As the band enters their 11th year, Robbie is joined by long time bass player Ryan Owens, Lead guitarist Matthew Kidd & Dave Keil on drums.
Robbie is best known for his career as a songwriter, recording artist & worship leader. Founding the Robbie Seay Band in 2001, RSB has released 7 albums including the critically acclaimed 2007 EMI release “Give Yourself Away”. Songs from these recordings have been featured in multiple tv shows and movies including American Idol, One Tree Hill & numerous shows on the ABC network.
With multiple songs on the ccli charts for many years now including “Song of Hope” which was a top 50 radio songs of the decade, Robbie is the rare songwriter whose songs are both worshipful and inviting to the a broader audience.
Robbie is extremely proud of the record “Rich & Poor” and very grateful to have made a career of writing and recording music about their faith, lives of love and loss and everything else in between.

Meet Our Hosts

Jason and his wife, Trisha, have been caring for children from U.S. foster care since 2001 and have had the privilege of adopting their five children from foster care. Jason has helped to produce and write several books, bible studies, and other tools all created to serve churches as they care for hurting kids including the newly released children’s book, Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn (BroadStreet Publishing). Jason writes a regular column for Fostering Families Today magazine and is the host of the Foster Movement Podcast, which highlights the stories of former foster youth and national foster care advocates. Jason serves as the National Director of More Than Enough for the Christian Alliance for Orphans and currently lives in Plano, Texas.

Most teenagers remember the day they got their license, or their sweet 16, or even prom night. For Diego the most prominent day he remembers is In 2002, when he showed up on Bishop Aaron Blake’s steps. Blake stopped Diego at the door and told him to lose any foster care mentality that he has. “You are not a foster child; you are ‘Engrafted’ into my family.” Diego, now a national recording artist, released his second studio album titled “ENGRAFTED” in 2014! Diego is the founder & president of B.I.G Records & Foundation. He and his “Pops,” Bishop Aaron Blake have joined forces and travel the country empowering the local church to create a culture of families prepared to accept the calling of orphan care. Diego lives with his family in the Dallas area.