Bookmark: How do you Fit in Foster Care? (ministry pack)

You wish every person in your congregation and community understood that they have some kind of role to play in foster care. These super fun and simple bookmarks get that message across loud and clear! Start with these at a church service, meeting or display booth and follow up with our more in depth Find Your Fit in Foster Care booklet. Both are designed to help your audience discover how their gifts, personality and experiences can make the biggest difference in foster care right where they live.

NEW: We’ve updated this resource to include a slot for you to place a sticker with your organization or church’s logo, web address, and contact information–ensuring your audience knows where to go to take their next best step engaging in foster care. We recommend printing 2×3 inch stickers from your favorite vendor, or you can print your own using a standard 2×3 inch label sheet like the Avery 22822 labels (you can download this Word Template).


We created this bookmark to help you equip others in your community. Whether you want to purchase bookmarks for potential volunteers or for church leaders in your community, we want to make sure you can do that in the most cost effective way possible.

Retail Price = $24.99/1 pack of 50 Bookmarks

2-5 packs = $21.24 per each pack  of 50 + shipping

6-10 packs = $18.74 per each pack of 50 + shipping

11-50 packs = $16.24 per each pack of 50 + shipping

51+ packs = $13.74 per each pack of 50+ shipping

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