How else can I make a difference
in foster care?

Everyone can do something for children and families in foster care.

We can help you think through what your something might be.

You have gifts, personality traits, and experiences that make you who you are.

We’ve grouped all these things into 7 faces of foster care engagement. You will likely find at least 2 that apply to you and will help you to understand the best ways for you to help kids and families in foster care where you live.

Check out these brief intro videos to each type to learn more about where you might fit in foster care!

The Administrator

The Administrator’s eye for detail gives them the ability to take big ideas and make them a reality one small piece at a time.

The Advocate

The Advocate uses their influence to make sure others’ best interests are considered and defended.

The Ally

The Ally “walks with” others through difficult circumstances, doing whatever they can to lighten the load.

The Ambassador

The Ambassador represents God’s heart for hurting children to the community and uses their platform to gather key players to get more done together than anyone could do alone.

The Coach

The Coach earns trust through patient listening and turns their own personal life experience into wise guidance for others.

The Intercessor

The Intercessor takes the needs of others before God in prayer and knows that true transformation happens as a result of God’s work in the hearts and minds of people.

The Recruiter

The Recruiter helps others understand how their experiences, personalities and gifts can be used to fill key roles in the life of a child and in the system.

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